Express Lasers Limited, Project Overview

Express Lasers had outgrown their existing factory floor space and needed more room to grow their rapidly expanding high tech laser cutting business. A new factory site of over 13,500ft² of floor space

was found and a new power supply connection capacity of 270kVA was needed to provide power, heating and lighting to the factory, offices, canteen and toilet facilities.

Our Scope of Work included the design and installation of a new 415volt, 630amp Electrical Distribution Frame (EDF) which would be large enough to accommodate an increased connection capacity of 470kVA at some point in the future as further business growth would require.

We installed an incoming 630amp fused main supply switch, 800amp busbar chamber, 315amp fused supply switch to a 400amp panel section MCCB board. Three 415volt 3phase and neutral 18way mcb D.B.’s were installed around the factory and three (3) 415volt 3phase fused supply switches were installed for each of the three (3) flatbed laser cutting machines.

New Hibay LED lighting was designed and installed for the factory general area lighting and other batten type LED lighting was designed and installed for local task specific operations.

New power, heating and lighting was designed and installed into the offices, server room, toilets and kitchen areas.

Additional circuits were installed for 3 x air compressors and associated dryers and for a telemetry link from the nitrogen gas tanks for remote gas capacity monitoring prior to refill.

The main Hibay LED lighting is provided from Carbon8 150w Discus luminaires using a Philips LUXEON 3030 2D LED high performance chip and the fittings are powered by a highly efficient Meanwell HBG Series power supply. These have built in power factor correction, with temperature and surge protection providing a combination of both performance and reliability.

These fittings are provided with the Carbon8 unique 5year Premier Care warranty package, 22,954 lumens, 120 degree beam angle, 3000k-6000k colour temperature and by using state of the art technology, Carbon8 expect to see an operating life for these luminaires close to 100,000 hours.

Our Director level contact at Express Lasers commented, “The project from beginning to end was delivered very professionally and the final result is to an exceptional standard. All work was properly planned and project managed to a high standard and the quality of the installation work is outstanding. The lighting installation exceeds any of our expectations and we are proud of our new factory premises. Stella MainTech Ltd Limited have, once again, delivered an excellent job for us.”