Throckley Union Jack Social Club

One of the biggest Social Clubs in the North East of England were carrying out refurbishment work to a number of areas around the premises including Main Bar, Lounge Bar, Gents Toilets, Main Corridor and Lobby Entrance. The vast majority of light fittings were electromagnetic switch start 1200 x 600mm recessed modulars and 8 ft and 6 ft T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes. The total connected power of these lighting circuits was 6.86kW.

We designed new ceiling grid lighting layouts and calculated the new lux levels for the different areas and then selected a range of LED fittings for the different operating requirements.

Once all the new fittings had been installed, the kW loads were measured and a saving of 71% was seen on the new installation with a measured load of 2.01kW. The added value benefits of a better quality of light, reduced number of fittings, 50,000 hours of operating hours and of course no more on-going maintenance costs means the club is making year on year cost savings of approximately £2,400.00 per annum.

The Club Secretary and Management Committee are delighted with their new lighting in their Club. The secretary can be contacted on